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"Grim and beautiful." - DAVID MARR

"A nuanced and beautifully candid account of what it means to seek justice. My heart broke for the boy and swelled with pride for the man." - JULIA LEIGH

Told through a journalist's eye, this deeply personal tale unravels the painful power of secrets. - HAMISH MACDONALD

For forty years I harboured a secret. Then, in mid 2018, a text message from an old school friend forced me to confront my past and finally deal with it. Secrets and Lies is a story about child sexual abuse. The culture that enabled it. How the perpetrator groomed his victims. And how, four decades after the crimes were committed, his victims embarked on a successful two-year journey to bring the offender to justice.


It's Not Etiquette: A Guide to Modern Manners

Random House, 2005


Fashion Speak: Interviews With The World's Leading Designers

Random House, 2008


The A to Z of Modern Manners: A Guide to Behaving Well

Penguin Random House, 2016

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