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It's Not Etiquette: A Guide to Modern Manners

Random House, 2005

It's Not Etiquette gives you the answers to appropriate behaviour.
Is there a polite way to 'shush' a chatty person at the movies? Is it rude to arrive at a dinner party without a gift? Is there such a thing as 'fashionably late'? How do I escape boring conversation? Are there conventions for addressing and signing business emails? And when is it unacceptable to answer my mobile phone?
If you've ever pondered these kinds of questions, this is the book for you!
Drawing on historical texts and his extensive exposure to the worlds of fashion and business, David Meagher illustrates how standards of behaviour have evolved as technology has developed and contemporary life has changed. He explores some of life's age-old conventions and brings us up-to-date on some very modern manners too, including: The most important behaviours to avoid, and emulate, at work, at home, out with friends, at a business event. Introductions, invitations and thank yous. How to throw a great party or be the perfect guest. How to successfully navigate business dinners. Email and mobile phone do's and don'ts, and much, much more.
This is not another book on etiquette. It's about good manners: knowing how to navigate relationships - personal, business and commercial - in the modern world.

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